Investor Opportunities


Corporate Profile:

The principals have developed a simple but effective model for delivery of landscape design to clients and to distribute cash flow to investors. Here are the highlights of the business:


Design Innovation Technologies, Inc. (dba DesignScape) is a California “C” corporation that markets, sells, and delivers landscape designs to residential clients across the United States.

DesignScape delivers professional landscape designs to residential clients, which enables homeowners to obtain competitive bids for landscape installation. At the option of the client, DesignScape provides referrals to qualified landscape, pool, patio and barbeque vendors and provides detailed plant lists and design information to these vendors.

The value propositions for these sets of clients are clear:


Homeowners obtain a custom landscape design, for which they can obtain competitive bids from their vendors of choice.

Contractors and landscape vendors receive referrals to clients who are ready to buy and professional drawings and specifications which are ready-to-bid and build.

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