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Client Testimonials


Client: J O'Neill

Thank you so much for all your help and GUIDANCE. Your designers and horticulturists have been wonderful to work with. Tom and I have appreciated your patience, and we are pleased and satisfied immensely with DesignScape staff efforts with our project.

Thanks again.

Client: C. Kreiser

On a scale of 1-5 I would rate the organization a 9+!! Our designer was a great listener who possessed a vision she was able to put on paper. She tied it all together. The horticulturists knew their plants and listened to my wants and needs. The field designer was very receptive and gave us some ideas. The only difficulty was the necessary software that was required. We enjoyed coming up to the office. The staff was gracious to meet with us and go over our plans. We are excited, thank you.

Client: M. Barrack

I have a five year plan for my property and wanted to make sure I had a good design to start with. My experience was wonderful from start to finish! Everyone kept the appointments and returned my calls promptly, doing what they said they would do. I loved the book of plants that I received at the end of my project! The overall process took about a month to complete.

Client: J. Boyle

The plans were well done and the design was done in accordance with our desires. Designscape referred contractors, one that did the work and we were very pleased with him! The people at Designscape were delightful to work with! Working on the web was easy!

Client: C. Ortiz

I found the online experience to be a lot of fun! It was interesting! I would love to recommend Designscape. Being on the computer allowed me to work my appointments around my disease. It only took about 4-6 weeks just like you promised. The contractor was able to do the job for 22K.

Client: T. Fallon

My landscape budget was 150K and the bids came in within 10K of my budget. It’s a phenomenal concept!

Client: D. Burkett

I was impressed with everything about my experience. I would give a very positive recommendation of the overall experience. I plan to do most of the work on the property myself.

Client: V. Mostajo

I just wanted to let you know that we have completed a lot of the work from our design. If you get a chance I would love to show it off. We get a lot of compliments on the yard.

Client: L. Proframe

Thanks again for everything, especially your communication!! It’s not often I meet bright, intelligent and funny people ……….

You are a breath of fresh air !

Have a great weekend.

Client: C. Gaston

I enjoyed the online experience and liked the design that was created. My design showed real creativity. I enjoyed the whole process, especially the online time!

Client: C. Jones

You were wonderful!! Your team did an excellent job. Thank you very much.

Client: Monica Hans, La Mesa, CA

Dear DesignScape Staff. Thank you all in helping our family make the dreams we have for our home a reality.


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