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Landscape Designer - click on image to enlargeThe time has come for you to finally have the landscape you have always dreamed of. No more staring wistfully out your windows, envisioning a fabulous pool, enticing barbecue, and gorgeous landscaping. But how do you optimize the space you have? How do you know where to put that barbecue? What kind of plants should you get and where should they be placed? Now you can have the answers to all these questions and more before you’re committed to construction thanks to the help of a qualified, professional landscape designer.

By choosing to enlist the help of a professional landscape designer, you can have your master concept plans to show contractors exactly what you want. You can shop your project around and get accurate bids allowing you to choose the best contractor for your project.

A professional landscape designer will assess your needs. First, discuss the elements you want to include such as: ponds, fire pits, fountains, gardens, play areas, decks, lighting, arbors, patio covers, or any other enhancement you would like. At this point, it is important to consider what you will be using the space for. If you entertain a lot in your yard, it will have to be designed differently than if you just want a gorgeous landscape to enjoy from indoors. Likewise, if you have children and pets, the environment will have to be designed with this in mind.

Once your wants have been established, your needs can be addressed. Is space an issue? Can your neighbors see into your yard? Do you have excessive shade in one area that would prevent a garden? Where would the most convenient place be for an outdoor kitchen? Throughout the process, a professional designer will plan your yard to make it the most efficient, convenient, and beautiful plan possible.

Design LandscapeOnce this process is complete, designing begins immediately. Using computers and CAD programming, a master concept plan of your new yard is developed. This design includes all irrigation, plants, lighting and more. The master plan is layered to show the whole project from start to finish.

Once a cohesive, unified master concept plan is developed, you will receive hard copies of the plan drawings to take to contractors for bids. On your exact project, not just your idea of what the project will be. Because everything is planned and demonstrated in advance, there should not be surprise changes and charges once construction begins.

Landscape designing is truly the most effective and cost efficient way to create your dream yard.


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